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RightHand Robotics: RightPick 2 Product Launch


Velo3D ships largest order of sapphire metal 3D printers to aerospace customer

3D Printing Industry / 07.31.2019 Go to 3dprintingindustry.com
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ROBOCHAT SERIES- Scaling Engineering Leadership W/ Dr. Jesse Levinson founder of ZOOX


CommonSense Robotics announces ‘world’s first’ underground micro-fulfillment center

VentureBeat / 07.11.2019 Go to venturebeat.com

VELO3D: breaking barriers in metal AM with support-free 3D printing

3D Printing Media Network / 07.03.2019 Go to 3dprintingmedia.network

No Limits: Manufacturing the most complex parts with VELO3D

TCT Magazine / 07.03.2019 Go to issuu.com

We can build our cities for e-commerce, we just need to repurpose our parking lots

Fast Company / 06.26.2019 Go to fastcompany.com
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Playground Welcomes Cassie Home

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Playground Iron Chef 2019


Where will the world’s first autonomous rocket factory be built? Mississippi

ArsTechnica / 06.11.2019 Go to arstechnica.com

Robust.AI launches to build an industrial grade cognitive platform for robots

TechCrunch / 06.06.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

After two years, diabetes patients see gains with startup’s digital coaching

STAT / 06.05.2019 Go to statnews.com

Teaching bots how the world works

Axios / 06.05.2019 Go to axios.com

MIT gene-therapy spinout raises $6M, enters competitive mRNA field

Boston Business Journal / 06.04.2019 Go to bizjournals.com

In Ford's future, two legged robots and self-driving cars could team up on deliveries

TechCrunch / 05.22.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

Ford’s Way to Finish Driverless Deliveries: Package-Carrying Robots

Bloomberg / 05.21.2019 Go to bloomberg.com

Meet the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies: Nauto

CNBC / 05.15.2019 Go to cnbc.com

Meet the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies: Virta Health

CNBC / 05.15.2019 Go to cnbc.com

How This Entrepreneur Built A $1 Billion Business By Saving Lives With AI

Forbes / 05.07.2019 Go to forbes.com

A small space startup that's never launched a rocket keeps landing big contracts

CNN / 05.06.2019 Go to cnn.com

uAvionix Introduces Line of Certified Avionics for Unmanned Systems

sUAS News / 04.26.2019 Go to suasnews.com

Investing in Robotics and AI: Lessons from the Industry's VCs with Peter Barrett

TechCrunch / 04.18.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

Amazon acquires autonomous warehouse robotics startup Canvas Technology

TechCrunch / 04.10.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

Righthand Robotics debuts a new pick and place system

TechCrunch / 04.08.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

Relativity Space announces first launch contract, and it’s a big one

Ars Technica / 04.05.2019 Go to arstechnica.com

Nauto develops new driver coaching dashboard, mobile app

Commercial Carrier Journal / 04.02.2019 Go to ccjdigital.com

How a startup is quietly transforming our antiquated 911 system

CBS News / 03.30.2019 Go to cbsnews.com

Farmwise turns to Roush to build autonomous vegetable weeders

TechCrunch / 03.27.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

Cutting-edge tech helps athletes predict risk of injuries

The Today Show / 03.22.2019 Go to today.com

Smarter Video Telematics Wave Arrives

Automotive Fleet / 03.19.2019 Go to automotive-fleet.com

Algolux announces Ion, a development platform for autonomous vision systems

TechCrunch / 03.11.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

New technology helps Pinellas officials rescue capsized kayaker off Indian Rocks Beach coast

ABC Action News / 03.07.2019 Go to abcactionnews.com

Building Robots That Can Go Where We Go

IEEE Spectrum / 02.26.2019 Go to ieee.org

Ayar Labs prepares for era of co-packaged optics

Gazettabyte / 02.21.2019 Go to gazettabyte.com

The World's Most Innovative Companies: Virta Health

FastCompany / 02.20.2019 Go to fastcompany.com

Relativity adds former SpaceX executives to leadership team

Space News / 02.14.2019 Go to spacenews.com

Amazon to Acquire eero to Help Customers Better Connect Smart Home Devices

Business Wire / 02.11.2019 Go to businesswire.com

The Punishing Polar Vortex Is Ideal For Cassie The Robot

Wired / 01.31.2019 Go to wired.com

Air Force grants 3D rocket printer Relativity Space a ‘premier’ launch pad in Florida

CNBC / 01.17.2019 Go to cnbc.com

Foot Locker Invests $3 Million in Super Heroic Sneakers

Sole Collector / 01.03.2019 Go to solecollector.com

This Sports Tech Startup Is Helping The Steelers Use Data And Analytics To Prevent Injuries

Forbes / 12.30.2018 Go to forbes.com
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The Future that Farmers Deserve


RightHand Robotics grabs $23 million in funding

TechCrunch / 12.18.2018 Go to techcrunch.com

Optical Chip Startup Ayar Labs Raises $24 Million To Boost Data Speeds

Forbes / 11.07.2018 Go to forbes.com

RapidSOS, an emergency response data provider, raises $30M as it grows from 10K users to 250M

TechCrunch / 11.06.2018 Go to techcrunch.com

Star Wars costume turns real two-legged robot into AT-ST

Cnet / 11.05.2018 Go to cnet.com

To Dine For With Kate Sullivan Episode 102: Jason Mayden

PBS / 11.01.2018 Go to pbs.org

Sure, Self-Driving Cars Are Smart. But Can They Learn Ethics?

Inc. / 11.01.2018 Go to inc.com
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Skydio R1: Introducing Apple Watch App


CommonSense Robotics launches micro-fulfillment center in Tel Aviv

VentureBeat / 10.11.2018 Go to venturebeat.com
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A Day at Playground HQ

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Playground interns unveil their self driving car

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Elizabeth got off insulin and lowered her A1c on Virta


Techcrunch Disrupt: The Robots Are Coming

TechCrunch / 09.05.2018 Go to techcrunch.com

Metal 3D printing startup Velo3D launches its first product

TechCrunch / 08.20.2018 Go to techcrunch.com

Pop-Up Tech Showcase Event Features Latest In Robotics, AI

CBS / 05.07.2018 Go to cbslocal.com
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Playground Pop-Up


Life on Mars Looks a Little More Possible Thanks to This Startup's 3-D Printed Rocket

Inc. / 04.30.2018 Go to inc.com

Sparta Science is using data to prevent and rehab sports injuries

Techcrunch / 04.16.2018 Go to techcrunch.com

Playground is betting big on robots

Techcrunch / 04.14.2018 Go to techcrunch.com

A Finnish entrepreneur who runs ‘one of San Francisco's hottest startups’ just raised $45 million for his cutting-edge type 2 diabetes treatment

BusinessInsider / 04.05.2018 Go to businessinsider.com

A start-up that manufactures rockets with giant 3-D printers just scored $35 million in funding

CNBC / 03.27.2018 Go to cnbc.com
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Robot Dance Party


Agility Robotics Raises $8 Million for Commercial Bipedal Robots

IEEE / 03.22.2018 Go to spectrum.ieee.org
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Relativity Aeon 1 Engine

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Playground Pi Day

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Playground @ SXSW

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Ayar Labs miniaturized optical I/O


Peter Barrett CTO & Co-Founder Playground Global

FutureTechPodcast / 02.25.2018 Go to futuretechpodcast.com

This beautiful $300 security camera can recognize faces and keep track of your kids - and it's backed by some of the biggest names in tech

Business Insider / 02.22.2018 Go to businessinsider.com

This computer uses light - not electricity - to train AI algorithms

Wired / 02.20.2018 Go to wired.com

The Autonomous Selfie Drone Is Here, Is Society Ready For it?

The New York Times / 02.13.2018 Go to nytimes.com
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RapidSOS: Transformative Technology To Save Lives


FarmWise Raises $5.7m Seed Round for Vegetable Weeding Robot

Agfunder News / 12.19.2017 Go to Agfundernews.com
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Super Heroic League of Play

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Nauto: Driver Onboarding

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Cosmo Meets Spot