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Two days in the bay

TechCrunch / 03.07.2023 Go to TechCrunch

FarmWise Launches Next-Generation Weeding Machine at the World Ag Expo®

Yahoo! / 03.07.2023 Go to Yahoo!

California company awarded $12M in economic incentives for Albuquerque facility

NewMexicoInno / 03.07.2023 Go to NewMexicoInno

The World's Most Innovative Companies of 2023

Fast Company / 03.02.2023 Go to Fast Company

Hydrogen Plane Startup Plans First Test Flight This Week

Bloomberg / 03.01.2023 Go to Bloomberg

A test-flight that could revolutionise air travel

ABC - Australia / 02.23.2023 Go to ABC - Australia

Relativity Space Looks to Take On SpaceX With 3-D Printed Rockets

WSJ / 02.14.2023 Go to WSJ

Cybersecurity’s future, up close and confidential

Medium | EY / 02.14.2023 Go to Medium | EY

How Tim Ellis went from wannabe screenwriter to Elon Musk’s biggest space competitor

Fast Company / 02.05.2023 Go to Fast Company

With new funding, Atomic AI envisions RNA as the next frontier in drug discovery

TechCrunch / 01.25.2023 Go to TechCrunch

AI Compute Company Banks on Chiplets for Future Processors

DesignNews / 01.24.2023 Go to DesignNews

Powered by hydrogen: Experimental plane revs up for testing in Central Washington

GeekWire / 01.23.2023 Go to GeekWire

Grubhub just rolled out new emergency safety features for gig workers with RapidSOS

Fast Comapny / 01.19.2023 Go to Fast Company
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What's Next? - Video - Playground's General Partners on the Future of Deep Tech


What’s next for quantum computing

MIT Technology Review / 01.06.2023 Go to MIT Technology Review

What's Next? - Playground's General Partners on the Future of Deep Tech

Playground / 01.04.2023 Go to Playground

‘Co-warehouse’ company Saltbox closes $35M Series B

TechCrunch / 12.19.2022 Go to TechCrunch

The World-Changing Race to Develop the Quantum Computer

The New Yorker / 12.19.2022 Go to The New Yorker

PubMed GPT: a Domain-Specific Large Language Model for Biomedical Text

MosaicML / 12.15.2022 Go to MosaicML

Meet the 71 rising-star VCs who shook up the industry in 2022

Business Insider / 12.13.2022 Go to Business Insider

Actuator: Peter Barrett on the state of robotics

TechCrunch / 12.08.2022 Go to TechCrunch

Satellite facility to create aerospace jobs in Ayrshire

BBC / 12.06.2022 Go to BBC

Infinimmune Raises $12-Million Seed Funding to Design Drugs Using Human-Sourced Antibodies

GenEdge / 12.06.2022 Go to GenEdge

Boston mRNA startup raises millions to test its targeted cancer therapies

Boston Globe / 11.28.2022 Go to Boston Globe

The 13 most promising early-stage artificial-intelligence startups of 2022, according to VCs investing in companies building technical infrastructure and developing tools

Business Insider / 11.17.2022 Go to Business Insider

d-Matrix - New Microsoft partnership accelerates generative AI development

VentureBeat / 11.16.2022 Go to VentureBeat

d-Matrix Unlocks New Potential with Reinforcement Learning Based Compiler for At Scale Digital In-Memory Compute Platforms

d-Matrix / 11.16.2022 Go to d-Matrix
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d-Matrix: Unlocking AI Compute Efficiency


Meeting camera startup Owl Labs lands $25M and partnership with HP

TechCrunch / 11.14.2022 Go to TechCrunch

RapidSOS, a big data platform for emergency first responders, raises $75M

TechCrunch / 11.08.2022 Go to TechCrunch
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Web Summit: Robo Drugs -The Future of Medicine


Listen: Paul Eremenko (Universal Hydrogen) On The “How I Built This” Podcast

Amazon & Wondery / 10.20.2022 Go to Universal Hydrogen

American Airlines Makes Equity Investment in Universal Hydrogen

Universal Hydrogen / 10.18.2022 Go to Universal Hydrogen

Meet the 16 pioneering biotech VCs who are taking new approaches to investing and reshaping the industry's future

Business Insider / 10.17.2022 Go to Business Insider

Biomarker Interview with Manifold Bio's Dr. Gleb Kuznetsov, CEO

Biomarker / 10.12.2022 Go to Biomarker

Can Start-Ups Significantly Lower the Cost of Gene Sequencing?

New York Times / 10.12.2022 Go to New York Times

Founder-Friendly Investors: How Private Equity and Venture Capital Are Helping Founders Level Up

Inc / 10.11.2022 Go to Inc

ServiceNow to Acquire Observability Innovator Era Software, Helping Businesses Turn Data-Driven Insights into Action

ServiceNow / 10.05.2022 Go to ServiceNow

Featured Investors | October 2022 - Zhou Zang of Corazon Capital and Nishant Singh of Playground Global

EVCA / 10.04.2022 Go to EVCA

Ideon Technologies digs up $16M Series A to use particle physics to find critical minerals

TechCrunch / 09.19.2022 Go to TechCrunch

Bodyport Receives FDA Clearance for the Bodyport Cardiac Scale

Bodyport / 08.09.2022 Go to Bodyport

Venture Investor Playground Global Makes Bigger Healthcare Push

WSJ / 07.15.2022 Go to www.wsj.com

Agency Over Biology: Rationally Designing and Engineering Next-Gen Therapeutics & Instrumentation

Medium / 07.14.2022 Go to Medium

Manifold Bio’s molecular ‘barcodes’ could break through pharma’s in vivo bottleneck

TechCrunch / 07.14.2022 Go to techcrunch.com

This Warehouse Robot Reads Human Body Language

Wired / 06.28.2022 Go to wired.com

Ultima Genomics Emerges from Stealth with $600 Million in Funding, Delivers the $100 Genome

Bloomberg / 05.31.2022 Go to bloomberg.com

Venture Capitalists Are Aiming to Disrupt Fish Farming

Bloomberg / 05.13.2022 Go to bloomberg.com

Playground makes bets on risky tech so late-stage investors can invest in society's future

PitchBook / 04.29.2022 Go to pitchbook.com

Chip startups using light instead of wires gaining speed and investments

Reuters / 04.26.2022 Go to reuters.com

Agility Robotics selected as one of Amazon's first Industrial Innovation Fund investments

Forbes / 04.21.2022 Go to forbes.com

D-Matrix’s new chip will optimize matrix calculations

VentureBeat / 04.20.2022 Go to venturebeat.com

Relativity Space pledges to boost diversity

TechCrunch / 04.11.2022 Go to techcrunch.com

Velo3D's Newest Metal AM Printer: Sapphire XC

YouTube / 03.09.2022 Go to youtube.com

FarmWise, Saltbox and Relativity Space - Named in Fast Company's 2022 list of the Most Innovative Companies

Fast Company / 03.08.2022 Go to fastcompany.com

Bruce Leak (Playground) + Jonathan Hurst (Agility)

TechCrunch / 03.03.2022 Go to techcrunch.com

Biotech founders are turning to new VCs to raise their seed funding rounds. These are the top 19 investment firms you need to know for early-stage investing.

Business Insider / 03.03.2022 Go to businessinsider.com

A slew of startups is racing to break into the white-hot commercial satellite industry. Experts say these 5 are poised to cash in on the $271 billion market.

Business Insider / 03.03.2022 Go to https://www.businessinsider.com/

A day in the life of top deep-tech investor Peter Barrett

Business Insider / 03.01.2022 Go to businessinsider.com

Playground Global Ranked No. 7 For Unicorn Batting Average Across VCs

PitchBook / 02.24.2022 Go to pitchbook.com

As Competition To Automate Warehouses Heats Up, RightHand Robotics Raises $66 Million

Forbes / 02.23.2022 Go to forbes.com

The Funded: Palo Alto marketing tech unicorn Branch quadruples valuation in $300M funding

Silicon Valley Business Journa / 02.11.2022 Go to bizjournals.com

Leaf Logistics turns load coordination into cash injection

JOC / 02.09.2022 Go to joc.com

New and Converted Warehouses Across LA Provide Business Owners With More Options

LA Business Journal / 01.17.2022 Go to labusinessjournal.com

Mangata raises $33M for hybrid satellite network with connections to Seattle tech community

Geek Wire / 01.11.2022 Go to geerkwire.com

Scott Ruffin led e-commerce logistics for 5 holiday shipping seasons at Amazon and Walmart. Here are 4 lessons learned from his first as a startup founder.

Business Insider / 01.11.2022 Go to businessinsider.com

Virta Health is a winner of FierceHealthcare's Fierce 15 awards.

Fierce Healthcare / 01.10.2022 Go to www.fiercehealthcare.com

How A.I. is set to evolve in 2022

CNBC / 01.07.2022 Go to https://www.cnbc.com/

What It May Be Like To Manage Next Year’s Workplace

Forbes / 12.19.2021 Go to forbes.com

55 tech startups to bet your career on in 2022

Business Insider / 12.16.2021 Go to businessinsder.com

Top 30 Companies Founded by Black and Latinx Entrepreneurs That Raised the Most Funding in 2021

Crunchbase / 12.08.2021 Go to crunchbase.com

Playground Global’s Tech Predictions 2021: Seizing The Opportunity in Decarbonization

Medium / 12.07.2021 Go to medium.com

The future of the $447 billion space industry in 15 incredible pictures

Fast Company / 12.03.2021 Go to fastcompany.com

Reviewing the top 10 innovations for 2021

BioTechniques / 12.03.2021 Go to biotechniques.com

Universal Hydrogen CEO sees jetmakers backing new fuel

Reuters / 12.01.2021 Go to reuters.com

Quantinuum’s new cybersecurity project signals that the future of quantum computing is—maybe, finally— here

Fortune / 12.01.2021 Go to fortune.com

Warning: diversify your board or activist investors may ‘weaponize’ the issue

Fortune / 12.01.2021 Go to fortune.com

Messenger RNA Took on Covid-19. This Startup Says That's Just the Beginning

Inc. / 12.01.2021 Go to Inc.com

The New Space Race: How 3-D Printing Is Driving Current And Future Space Exploration

Forbes / 12.01.2021 Go to forbes.com

Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies to Watch Out in 2022

Medium / 11.16.2021 Go to medium.com

The 100 Best Inventions of 2021

Time Magazine / 11.10.2021 Go to time.com

Startup Universal Hydrogen in Supply Deal With Fortescue Unit

Bloomberg / 11.09.2021 Go to bloomberg.com

Era Software Announces EraCloud for Managing Petabytes of Log Data in Real-Time at Up to 90% Lower Cost than Alternatives

Business Wire / 11.04.2021 Go to Businesswire.com

Fabric raises $200M at a $1B+ valuation for robotics-based fulfillment tech

TechCrunch / 10.26.2021 Go to techcrunch.com

AI Startup MosaicML Comes Out Of Stealth To Aid AI Developers

Forbes / 10.13.2021 Go to forbes.com

Universal Hydrogen to start testing fuel cells in passenger jet

Financial Times / 10.13.2021 Go to ft.com

SpaceX: how Elon Musk’s new rocket could transform the space race

Financial Times / 10.12.2021 Go to ft.com

7 rising climate-tech startups, according to VCs

Insider / 10.09.2021 Go to businessinsider.com

Nine Women Shaping Venture Capital

Wall Street Journal / 10.08.2021 Go to wsj.com
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Velo3D (NYSE: VLD) Rings The Closing Bell


Power players: These 12 young serial founders are building the next generation of biotech startups

Business Insider / 10.06.2021 Go to businessinsider.com

Playground Global's Jory Bell

Apple Podcasts / 10.06.2021 Go to podcast/sand-hill-road/

Excerpts From Day One of The Information’s WTF 2021 Conference

The Information / 10.06.2021 Go to theinformation.com

Amazon Air founder has a new start-up that aims to take on FedEx and UPS by speeding up shipping

CNBC / 10.05.2021 Go to cnbc.com

Velo3D Debuts on the New York Stock Exchange Under “VLD” Ticker

Velo3D / 09.30.2021 Go to velo3d.com

The 5 logistics startups most likely to IPO as the sector gets flooded with investor cash

Business Insider / 09.24.2021 Go to businessinsider.com

Meet the humanoid robot that's available for purchase

CNET / 09.17.2021 Go to youtube.com/c/CNET

Eyeing Opportunities, Investors Begin Looking More Closely At Deep Tech

Crunchbase News / 09.15.2021 Go to crunchbase.com

Logistics startups are enjoying a historic funding boom. Here's what 13 recent deals say about where the industry is headed.

Business Insider / 09.01.2021 Go to businessinsider.com

BBJ announces this year’s 40 Under 40

Boston Business Journal / 08.31.2021 Go to bizjournals.com

Instacart teams up with Fabric for fulfillment automation

Fortune / 08.24.2021 Go to fortune.com

Forget autonomy: Here's how driving becomes safer

ZDNet / 08.20.2021 Go to zdnet.com

3 video tools to help remote workers feel connected to the hybrid office

Fast Company / 08.16.2021 Go to fastcompany.com

‘Ten years ago this was science fiction’: the rise of weedkilling robots

The Guardian / 08.14.2021 Go to theguardian.com

53 startups hit $1 billion valuations in July as 'hot unicorn summer' rages. Here are all of them.

Business Insider / 08.11.2021 Go to businessinsider.com

How drones can unlock greener infrastructure inspection

World Economic Forum / 08.10.2021 Go to weforum.org

Hydrogen-powered aviation will be tested on turboprops at new Moses Lake venture

The Seattle Times / 08.03.2021 Go to seattletimes.com

Introducing Leaf Adapt: Giving Shippers a Forward-Looking View to Navigate the Transportation Market

Medium / 07.28.2021 Go to medium.com

PsiQuantum Raises $450 Million to Build Its Quantum Computer

Wall Street Journal / 07.28.2021 Go to wsj.com

Could you beat this bipedal robot’s 5K run time?

The Verge / 07.28.2021 Go to theverge.com

How startups can hit it big by thinking small

Fast Company / 07.27.2021 Go to fastcompany.com

The RapidSOS EC-1

TechCrunch / 07.27.2021 Go to techcrunch.com

Meet 14 logistics execs who left Amazon to launch startups and lead competitors like Walmart, Target, and Chewy

Business Insider / 07.14.2021 Go to businessinsider.com

EXCLUSIVE: Universal Hydrogen in zero-carbon plane deals with Icelandair, others

Reuters / 07.14.2021 Go to reuters.com

Lacuna raises $16 million in Series A to help cities manage mobility via digital twin

TechCrunch / 07.07.2021 Go to techcrunch.com

MIT Technology Review: 35 Innovators Under 35

MIT Technology Review / 06.30.2021 Go to technologyreview.com

How AI Is Taking Over Our Gadgets

Wall Street Journal / 06.26.2021 Go to wsj.com

Anjuna Closes $30 Million Series B Funding to Bring Total Investment to Over $42 Million

Business Insider / 06.23.2021 Go to businessinsider.com

This Synthetic Bio Startup Raised $52 Million To Make Tumors Reveal Themselves

Forbes / 06.23.2021 Go to forbes.com

Seven E-Commerce Startups to Watch

The Information / 06.16.2021 Go to theinformation.com

Take This Job And Automate It: Startups Tackling Labor Shortages Draw More VC Interest

Crunchbase / 06.11.2021 Go to crunchbase.com

Relativity Space CEO on disrupting space industry via 3D-printed rockets

CNBC / 05.27.2021 Go to cnbc.com

The 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50: Relativity Space

CNBC / 05.25.2021 Go to cnbc.com

Artificial raises $21M led by Microsoft’s M12 for a lab automation platform aimed at life sciences R&D

TechCrunch / 05.18.2021 Go to techcrunch.com

13 ventures receive top prizes in Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge

The Harvard Gazette / 05.06.2021 Go to harvard.edu

GlobalFoundries and PsiQuantum partner on full-scale quantum computer

VentureBeat / 05.05.2021 Go to venturebeat.com

U.S. chip startups, long shunned in favor of internet bets, stir excitement again

Reuters / 05.05.2021 Go to reuters.com

World Changing Ideas Awards 2021: AI and Data Finalists and Honorable Mentions

Fast Company / 05.04.2021 Go to fastcompany.com

AI 50: America's Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies

Forbes / 04.26.2021 Go to forbes.com

Universal Hydrogen raises $20.5M Series A to help launch hydrogen aviation

TechCrunch / 04.22.2021 Go to techcrunch.com

Log management database startup Era Software raises $15.25M

VentureBeat / 04.20.2021 Go to venturebeat.com

This $2 Billion Digital Health Startup Aims To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Forbes / 04.19.2021 Go to Forbes.com

Saltbox raises $10.6M to help booming e-commerce stores store their goods

TechCrunch / 04.15.2021 Go to techcrunch.com

A pair of Lyell founders look to shift the cell therapy paradigm — and they've got $30M to get their plan off the ground

Endpoints News / 03.31.2021 Go to endpts.com

Building Vaccines to Counter Future Pandemics (Podcast)

Bloomberg / 03.30.2021 Go to bloomberg.com

In a rare move, this transportation startup is adding equity experts to its board

Fast Company / 03.29.2021 Go to fastcompany.com

Graphene and Beyond: The Wonder Materials That Could Replace Silicon in Future Tech

Wall Street Journal / 03.27.2021 Go to wsj.com

Exclusive: Microsoft, Sam Altman back a new AI biotech upstart

Endpoints News / 03.23.2021 Go to endpts.com

Inside the high-stakes world of designing for 911 operators

Fast Company / 03.22.2021 Go to fastcompany.com

12 cold chain logistics startups heating up in the year of the vaccine

Business Insider / 03.19.2021 Go to businessinsider.com

Meet the Oregon robot that could change package delivery as we know it

KGW-TV / 03.16.2021 Go to kgw.com

What Does Nature Think Of Human Technology?

Forbes / 03.15.2021 Go to forbes.com

PsiQuantum expects commercial quantum computer by 2025

Financial Times / 03.13.2021 Go to FT.com

Why VCs Are Now Funding Long-Avoided Warehousing Startups

Business Insider / 03.11.2021 Go to businessinsider.com

Researchers race to develop antiviral weapons to fight the pandemic coronavirus

Science / 03.11.2021 Go to sciencemag.org
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No Small Plans Ep. 2: RapidSOS


10 Investors Predict MaaS, On-Demand Delivery and EVs Will Dominate Mobility’s Post-Pandemic Future

TechCrunch / 02.19.2021 Go to techcrunch.com

The Founder of Amazon Air is Launching a Startup to Liberate Retailers from UPS and FedEx

Business Insider / 02.19.2021 Go to businessinsider.com
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No Small Plans Ep. 1: Fabric


Amazon’s Former Delivery Guru Wants to Solve the ‘Middle Mile’

Bloomberg Businessweek / 02.02.2021 Go to bloomberg.com

The New Silicon Valley Perks: Child Care, Financial Planning and Therapy

Wall Street Journal / 01.29.2021 Go to Playground Global, has implemented a one-week, companywide holiday each quarter.

Make No Small Plans: Why Venture Capital Needs To Return To Big Bets On Deep Technology

Medium / 01.20.2021 Go to medium.com

5 Top Tips To Make You A Better Remote Leader In 2021

Forbes / 01.15.2021 Go to Forbes.com

Strand Therapeutics and BeiGene Enter Into Agreement to Develop Solid Tumor Immuno-Oncology Therapeutics

BeiGene / 01.12.2021 Go to BeiGene

Emerging: How New Technologies Move from Obscurity to Ubiquity

Medium / 01.08.2021 Go to medium.com

Strategy Session: Playground Global Loves A Good Life Sciences Challenge

Crunchbase Daily / 12.14.2020 Go to Playground plays at the intersection of deep tech and health

Playground Global’s Predictions for the Decade Ahead: Reclaiming Agency Over Our World

Medium / 12.08.2020 Go to Tech Predictions 2020

Boom Supersonic readies for flight with metal additive manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing and De / 12.07.2020 Go to Titanium parts for XB-1 demonstrator aircraft printed on Velo3D system

Startup Virta Health Valued at $1 Billion In Fundraise

Bloomberg / 12.02.2020 Go to Virta Health raises $65 Million in Series D

Meet the top 36 public relations pros in the tech industry

Business Insider / 11.25.2020 Go to Allison Braley, Playground Global

Relativity Space adds $500 million to ‘war chest’ for scaling production of 3D-printed rockets

CNBC / 11.23.2020 Go to Relativity Space raises $500 million in Series D
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Playground Global: Growing Big Ideas Into Brilliant Companies


Owl Labs Named to TIME's 100 Best Inventions Of 2020

Time magazine / 11.19.2020 Go to Owl Labs Meeting Owl Pro: The 100 Best Inventions of 2020

FarmWise Named to TIME's 100 Best Inventions Of 2020

Time magazine / 11.19.2020 Go to FarmWise Titan FT-35: The 100 Best Inventions of 2020

Ayar raises $35M for optical interconnect tech to overcome computing bottlenecks in the CPU

TechCrunch / 11.05.2020 Go to Ayar Labs raises $35 million in Series B

Robust.AI Raises $15 Million To Make Building Smarter Robots Easier

Forbes / 10.28.2020 Go to Robust.AI Raises $15M in Series A Funding
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Founder Series: Fireside Chat w/ Shellye Archambeau, author of 'Unapologetically Amibitious'


Biped robot maker Agility raises $20 million

Reuters / 10.15.2020 Go to Agility Robotics

Could a lasso-shaped drug blend the best of antibodies and small molecules?

Fierce Biotech / 10.13.2020 Go to Lassogen Raises $4.5M Seed Round to Develop Novel Therapeutics for Challenging Targets

Avail Medsystems Raises $100M in Series B Funding To Build Operating Room Telemed Network

Bloomberg / 10.08.2020 Go to Avail Medsystems Raises $100M in Series B Funding

Could protein barcodes speed up drug development? Manifold Bio scores $5.4M to find out

FIERCE Biotech / 09.08.2020 Go to $5.4 million seed round from Playground Global

Bodyport Raises $11.2 Million in Series A Funding to Launch Virtual Cardiac Clinic

Business Wire / 08.11.2020 Go to Bodyport Raises $11.2 Million in Series A Funding

August Member Spotlight: Laurie Yoler

National Association of Corpor / 08.11.2020 Go to NACD Northern California: Member Spotlight

New technology allows teachers to instruct students in the classroom and virtually at the same

Fox News / 08.10.2020 Go to How Owl Labs technology is being used in the classroom

As E-Commerce Booms, Robots Pick Up Human Slack

Wall Street Journal / 08.08.2020 Go to An explosion in demand means companies are pushing the limits of robotic arms

Lam Research and VELO3D strike agreement to use metal additive manufacturing for Semiconductor projects

Design World / 08.04.2020 Go to Lam Research and VELO3D strike agreement

How one moonshot VC approaches investing in the COVID-19 era

TechCrunch / 08.01.2020 Go to Plaground Global

Microfulfillment startup Fabric partners with FreshDirect to launch on-demand delivery in Washington, D.C.

VentureBeat / 07.28.2020 Go to Fabric partners with FreshDirect

Robots, QR codes and bluetooth: Businesses turn to tech as they reopen

NBC / 07.23.2020 Go to FarmWise, a San Francisco company that makes robots to help with farming tasks


SVDX / 07.22.2020 Go to Case Study On Modern Leadership

The TechCrunch List

TechCrunch / 07.15.2020 Go to A directory of the most active and engaged investors in the VC industry today

U.S. Autonomous Drone Maker Skydio Raises $100 Million

Medium / 07.13.2020 Go to Accelerates Growth in Consumer, Enterprise, and Public Sector
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Robochat Series on Automation in the age of COVID-19


Becoming a Post-Pandemic Species

Medium / 06.30.2020 Go to Strand Therapeutics

3D rocket printer Relativity signs deal with Iridium and plans to build a California launchpad

CNBC / 06.24.2020 Go to 3D rocket printer Relativity signs deal

VC Daily: Niche Job Sites Gain Steam; Robotics Investors Sharpen Focus; New Biotech Funding

WSJ / 06.22.2020 Go to Robotics Investors Sharpen Focus; New Biotech Funding

Putting robots down on the farm

AXIOS / 06.20.2020 Go to Putting robots down on the farm

RapidSOS raises $21M

TechCrunch / 06.10.2020 Go to RapidSOS

Ford will use this uncanny, human-like robot Digit to deliver packages — take a closer look at the bipedal machine

Business Insider / 06.06.2020 Go to Ford will use this uncanny, human-like robot Digit to deliver packages

Space start-up Relativity verified its 3D printing process works to build a rocket

CNBC / 05.12.2020 Go to Relativity verified its 3D printing process works to build a rocket

Velo3D, a supplier of 3D printers to SpaceX, raises $28 million

TechCrunch / 04.28.2020 Go to Velo3D, a supplier of 3D printers to SpaceX, raises $28 million
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Agility Robotics’ Damion Shelton: “Legs over wheels”


The Station: Starship expands, AutoX opens up shop and a big moment for e-bikes

TechCrunch / 04.13.2020 Go to The Station: Starship expands, AutoX opens up shop and a big moment for e-bikes

Quantum Computing Startup Raises $215 Million for Faster Device

Bloomberg / 04.06.2020 Go to Quantum Computing Startup Raises $215 Million for Faster Device

As Demand Surges, Supplying and Shipping Take on New Importance

New York Times / 04.01.2020 Go to Short-term needs and shortages have brought “dramatic changes” to the inner workings of transporting goods by truck.

Avail Medsystems raises $15 Million in Series A-1

Wall Street Journal / 03.26.2020 Go to Venture Capitalists Back Startup Avail Medsystems With $15 Million Series A-1

Covid-19 vaccine technologies: Strand Therapeutics in partnership with Sanofi and Department of Health and Human Services

MedCity News / 03.24.2020 Go to Among Covid-19 vaccine technologies, mRNA represents faster, easier approach, some experts say

Strand Therapeutics on COVID19

MIT Technology Review / 03.12.2020 Go to Strand Therapeutics CEO Jacob Becraft on COVID19


GMA - Good Morning America / 03.12.2020 Go to RapidSOS + UBER
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Robotchat Series: Relativity Space


Building a new Playground Global, after Andy Rubin

AXIOS / 03.02.2020 Go to Axios - Building a new Playground Global, after Andy Rubin

Want To Attract Venture Capital? Think Like A Screenwriter.

Forbes / 02.26.2020 Go to Forbes
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Robotchat Series : Past, Present & Future w/ Rodney Brooks, Claire Delaunay and Peter Barrett




Virta Health Raises $93M Series C

CNBC / 01.12.2020 Go to Virta Health Customer Tattoos Logo on Arm
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Scrambld - High School Summer Intern 2019


RapidSOS Closes $55M Series B to Advance Emergency Response Globally

Press Release / 10.09.2019 Go to RapidSOS Closes $55M Series B to Advance Emergency Response Globally



Lacuna: Making Tech Work for Cities, Not Against Them

Medium / 10.03.2019 Go to Lacuna: Making Tech Work for Cities, Not Against Them

FarmWise and its weed-pulling agribot harvest $14.5M in funding

TechCrunch / 10.03.2019 Go to FarmWise and its weed-pulling agribot harvest $14.5M in funding
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Playdate 2019 @ Filoli Gardens


Relativity Space Raises $140MM Series C

CNBC / 10.01.2019 Go to Relativity Space raises $140 million Series C
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RightHand Robotics: RightPick 2 Product Launch


Velo3D ships largest order of sapphire metal 3D printers to aerospace customer

3D Printing Industry / 07.31.2019 Go to 3dprintingindustry.com
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ROBOCHAT SERIES- Scaling Engineering Leadership W/ Dr. Jesse Levinson founder of ZOOX


CommonSense Robotics announces ‘world’s first’ underground micro-fulfillment center

VentureBeat / 07.11.2019 Go to venturebeat.com

No Limits: Manufacturing the most complex parts with VELO3D

TCT Magazine / 07.03.2019 Go to issuu.com

VELO3D: breaking barriers in metal AM with support-free 3D printing

3D Printing Media Network / 07.03.2019 Go to 3dprintingmedia.network

We can build our cities for e-commerce, we just need to repurpose our parking lots

Fast Company / 06.26.2019 Go to fastcompany.com
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Playground Welcomes Cassie Home

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Playground Iron Chef 2019


Where will the world’s first autonomous rocket factory be built? Mississippi

ArsTechnica / 06.11.2019 Go to arstechnica.com

Robust.AI launches to build an industrial grade cognitive platform for robots

TechCrunch / 06.06.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

After two years, diabetes patients see gains with startup’s digital coaching

STAT / 06.05.2019 Go to statnews.com

Teaching bots how the world works

Axios / 06.05.2019 Go to axios.com

MIT gene-therapy spinout raises $6M, enters competitive mRNA field

Boston Business Journal / 06.04.2019 Go to bizjournals.com

In Ford's future, two legged robots and self-driving cars could team up on deliveries

TechCrunch / 05.22.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

Ford’s Way to Finish Driverless Deliveries: Package-Carrying Robots

Bloomberg / 05.21.2019 Go to bloomberg.com

Meet the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies: Virta Health

CNBC / 05.15.2019 Go to cnbc.com

Meet the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies: Nauto

CNBC / 05.15.2019 Go to cnbc.com

How This Entrepreneur Built A $1 Billion Business By Saving Lives With AI

Forbes / 05.07.2019 Go to forbes.com

A small space startup that's never launched a rocket keeps landing big contracts

CNN / 05.06.2019 Go to cnn.com

uAvionix Introduces Line of Certified Avionics for Unmanned Systems

sUAS News / 04.26.2019 Go to suasnews.com

Investing in Robotics and AI: Lessons from the Industry's VCs with Peter Barrett

TechCrunch / 04.18.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

Amazon acquires autonomous warehouse robotics startup Canvas Technology

TechCrunch / 04.10.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

Righthand Robotics debuts a new pick and place system

TechCrunch / 04.08.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

Relativity Space announces first launch contract, and it’s a big one

Ars Technica / 04.05.2019 Go to arstechnica.com

Nauto develops new driver coaching dashboard, mobile app

Commercial Carrier Journal / 04.02.2019 Go to ccjdigital.com

How a startup is quietly transforming our antiquated 911 system

CBS News / 03.30.2019 Go to cbsnews.com

Farmwise turns to Roush to build autonomous vegetable weeders

TechCrunch / 03.27.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

Cutting-edge tech helps athletes predict risk of injuries

The Today Show / 03.22.2019 Go to today.com

Smarter Video Telematics Wave Arrives

Automotive Fleet / 03.19.2019 Go to automotive-fleet.com

Algolux announces Ion, a development platform for autonomous vision systems

TechCrunch / 03.11.2019 Go to techcrunch.com

New technology helps Pinellas officials rescue capsized kayaker off Indian Rocks Beach coast

ABC Action News / 03.07.2019 Go to abcactionnews.com

Building Robots That Can Go Where We Go

IEEE Spectrum / 02.26.2019 Go to ieee.org

Ayar Labs prepares for era of co-packaged optics

Gazettabyte / 02.21.2019 Go to gazettabyte.com

The World's Most Innovative Companies: Virta Health

FastCompany / 02.20.2019 Go to fastcompany.com

Relativity adds former SpaceX executives to leadership team

Space News / 02.14.2019 Go to spacenews.com

Amazon to Acquire eero to Help Customers Better Connect Smart Home Devices

Business Wire / 02.11.2019 Go to businesswire.com

The Punishing Polar Vortex Is Ideal For Cassie The Robot

Wired / 01.31.2019 Go to wired.com

Air Force grants 3D rocket printer Relativity Space a ‘premier’ launch pad in Florida

CNBC / 01.17.2019 Go to cnbc.com

Foot Locker Invests $3 Million in Super Heroic Sneakers

Sole Collector / 01.03.2019 Go to solecollector.com

This Sports Tech Startup Is Helping The Steelers Use Data And Analytics To Prevent Injuries

Forbes / 12.30.2018 Go to forbes.com
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The Future that Farmers Deserve


RightHand Robotics grabs $23 million in funding

TechCrunch / 12.18.2018 Go to techcrunch.com

Optical Chip Startup Ayar Labs Raises $24 Million To Boost Data Speeds

Forbes / 11.07.2018 Go to forbes.com

RapidSOS, an emergency response data provider, raises $30M as it grows from 10K users to 250M

TechCrunch / 11.06.2018 Go to techcrunch.com

Star Wars costume turns real two-legged robot into AT-ST

Cnet / 11.05.2018 Go to cnet.com

Sure, Self-Driving Cars Are Smart. But Can They Learn Ethics?

Inc. / 11.01.2018 Go to inc.com

To Dine For With Kate Sullivan Episode 102: Jason Mayden

PBS / 11.01.2018 Go to pbs.org
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Skydio R1: Introducing Apple Watch App


CommonSense Robotics launches micro-fulfillment center in Tel Aviv

VentureBeat / 10.11.2018 Go to venturebeat.com
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A Day at Playground HQ

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Elizabeth got off insulin and lowered her A1c on Virta


Techcrunch Disrupt: The Robots Are Coming

TechCrunch / 09.05.2018 Go to techcrunch.com

Metal 3D printing startup Velo3D launches its first product

TechCrunch / 08.20.2018 Go to techcrunch.com

Pop-Up Tech Showcase Event Features Latest In Robotics, AI

CBS / 05.07.2018 Go to cbslocal.com
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Playground Pop-Up


Life on Mars Looks a Little More Possible Thanks to This Startup's 3-D Printed Rocket

Inc. / 04.30.2018 Go to inc.com

Sparta Science is using data to prevent and rehab sports injuries

Techcrunch / 04.16.2018 Go to techcrunch.com

Playground is betting big on robots

Techcrunch / 04.14.2018 Go to techcrunch.com

A Finnish entrepreneur who runs ‘one of San Francisco's hottest startups’ just raised $45 million for his cutting-edge type 2 diabetes treatment

BusinessInsider / 04.05.2018 Go to businessinsider.com

A start-up that manufactures rockets with giant 3-D printers just scored $35 million in funding

CNBC / 03.27.2018 Go to cnbc.com
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Robot Dance Party


Agility Robotics Raises $8 Million for Commercial Bipedal Robots

IEEE / 03.22.2018 Go to spectrum.ieee.org
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Relativity Aeon 1 Engine

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Playground Pi Day

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Playground @ SXSW

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Ayar Labs miniaturized optical I/O


Peter Barrett CTO & Co-Founder Playground Global

FutureTechPodcast / 02.25.2018 Go to futuretechpodcast.com

This beautiful $300 security camera can recognize faces and keep track of your kids - and it's backed by some of the biggest names in tech

Business Insider / 02.22.2018 Go to businessinsider.com

This computer uses light - not electricity - to train AI algorithms

Wired / 02.20.2018 Go to wired.com

The Autonomous Selfie Drone Is Here, Is Society Ready For it?

The New York Times / 02.13.2018 Go to nytimes.com
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RapidSOS: Transformative Technology To Save Lives


FarmWise Raises $5.7m Seed Round for Vegetable Weeding Robot

Agfunder News / 12.19.2017 Go to Agfundernews.com
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Super Heroic League of Play

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Nauto: Driver Onboarding

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Cosmo Meets Spot