Tiffany Kryze

Product Collimation Specialist


Tiffany Kryze

Product Collimation Specialist

With a background in electrical engineering—a discipline that rewards attention and detail—Tiffany spends most of her days “herding cats.” Specifically, she works with the studio and portfolio teams at Playground to “eliminate noise and find the path of least resistance (and highest output)” to a successful product and a burgeoning company.

Some people prefer the nitty-gritty and others the big picture. Tiffany discovered where she fit as an intern at GM. “I spent a day shadowing an engineer who was responsible for the HVAC hose on light trucks,” she says. The coworker loved being responsible for a single cog in a big machine. “In those few hours, I realized how I needed to be able to see the big picture come together.”

That realization has governed her choice of projects for the whole of her career so far. “It’s always interesting to think about how a product will be used,” she says, “to see how that maps to how users actually use—and love or hate—the products in the real world.”

Tiffany has worked at Amazon Lab126 and Panasonic. She’s a foodie who likes to travel and plans her days abroad around good food. If you see her in a bad mood, it’s probably because she hasn’t had a good meal lately.

Health & Wellness Product Manager, Panasonic

Display and Emerging Technology Engineering Program Manager, Amazon Lab126

Lead Hardware Engineer, Panasonic

Alma Mater: Stanford, (BS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Electrical Engineering)

Hobbies: Cooking, eating, travel