Richard Huang

Technical Recruiter


Richard Huang

Technical Recruiter

At Playground, Richard’s role as technical recruiter is crucial to the growth of the companies here. He seeks to hire talented minds that he feels will help move the needle at both Playground and the portfolio companies.

As a member of the tech industry for over 15 years, Richard has a lot of experience working in the tech field. He attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned a BS in both biology and Electrical Engineering/Computer Science. Richard also earned a PhD in Computer Science at University of California, San Diego.

Before switching to recruiting, Richard was a software engineer in distributed systems and databases.

He first began his recruiting career as the top sourcer at Riviera Partners, where he helped find talent for a portfolio of 100+ startups. As the director of talent at Mindmeld (acquired by Cisco), he tripled the size of the company in just 12 months. Richard also helped the recruiting efforts at Oculus/Facebook.

Richard finds Playground’s mission unique and fascinating and notes,“I like the fact that we’re working on different cutting edge technology and it’s very exciting to be a part of that.”

He finds inspiration for his work from his co workers, where he says, “I enjoy working with the people here to see how they approach different situations and how they work together to make their ideas come to life. It’s a very interesting learning experience for me.”

When Richard is not finding the ‘perfect candidate’, you can find him exploring the outdoors and travelling around the world.

Recruiter, Riviera Partners

Director of Talent, Mindmeld

Recruiter, Oculus/Facebook

Alma Mater: M.I.T. (BS in Biology and EECS), UCSD (PhD in CS)