Richard Becker


Richard Becker

If you’ve ever set foot on Playground, you’ve probably stopped to look at the machine shop. It is where nearly all of the prototype components are made that are needed for the products here. It is also where CNC machinist, Rich Becker, calls his home.

As a CNC machinist, his job is to create prototype parts using various machines ranging from 3 and 5 axis CNC, to hand-fabricating with power tools, and everything in between.

Before joining the team at Playground, he was a 5-Axis CNC machinist at Tri-Fab Associates where he specialized in machining aerospace, subsea, and semiconductor components. He also has experience as a precision sheet metal fabricator and welder. Rich has been a part of the manufacturing industry for 7 years, and has gained lots of experience from it.

“Being a part of this [manufacturing] industry has given me a different perspective on things that I interact with on a day-to-day basis. I often think of how they are created and what I could change to make them better, faster, and easier.” He says.

What Rich loves most about being a machinist is being able to create and to problem solve. In other words, he is fascinated by the many challenges that come along with prototyping.

Here at Playground, he’s learned a tremendous amount about the tech industry, electronics, design, engineering, and prototyping. Simply put, he’s learned more about the entire process of developing hardware from start to finish. Rich finds that Playground is unique in that “there is a high level of veteran talent that can be found throughout the studio”. He also adds, “Our ultimate goal is to help these companies succeed. We’re all here because we are passionate about what we do.”

Because of Rich’s role as a machinist, he has a unique perspective into the products under development at Playground. He feels fortunate for the opportunity to help these companies reach their goals.

When he’s not in the machine shop, Rich spends time relaxing outdoors, cheering for the San Francisco Giants, and taking weekend trips to the coast.

5-Axis CNC Machinist, Tri-Fab Associates Inc.

Alma Mater: Las Positas College

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA