Pat Nako

Infrastructure Support Engineer


Pat Nako

Infrastructure Support Engineer

When it comes to the technology at Playground, Pat has his bases covered by making sure that everything is running smoothly and that the infrastructure is in check.

He first became fascinated with technology when he was a kid. “I would always take apart things and then not be able to put them back together successfully. That was what sparked my interest in learning more about technology,” he recalls.

Pat turned his interest into a passion after his 9th grade math teacher suggested he join a programming class at his high school. There, he not only learned about the basics of Python, but also about the endless possibilities in the world of technology.

At Playground, he has continued to discover those endless possibilities. “The technology that we help build here is diverse and ranges from aviation technology to wearable subwoofers. I’ve learned that you can turn your dreams into a reality - you just have to have the idea and push for it.” he says.

Aside from the technology aspect, he also loves working with the people here whom he believes he can always learn something new from. Pat also finds it special that at Playground, you can talk to anyone about anything and would be able to have a deep conversation with them about it.

Before coming to Playground, Pat worked on the smart home services program at Amazon where he helped people integrate technology into their lives and then at Apple to be a part of the Genius bar. Now, Pat holds 7 years of tech industry experience.

If Pat isn’t fiddling with wires or installing new software, you can find him playing video games, tinkering with his car, or trying new food spots.

Field Technician, Amazon

Genius, Apple

Hometown: Kohala, Hawaii

University of Hawaii, Manoa