Parijat Gupta

Software Engineer


Parijat Gupta

Software Engineer

Where hardware and software meet, you can find Parijat writing firmware, system software, and assembly level code for all of the micro-controllers and SoCs for Playground’s portfolio startups.

As a software engineer, he works with silicon vendors to evaluate potential solutions by evaluating quality, cost, development time, and system architecture. Additionally, to see an end-to-end system come to life, he builds iOS and Android apps.

"No part of software is rocket science. As a software generalist, I love to dive into all layers of software to understand and learn more about a system,” he says. “That's the first step towards writing more efficient software, and coming up with smart ways of adding capabilities to the current system."

Before becoming a Playgrounder, Parijat worked on sensors, robotics, video compression, image processing, audio compression, and graphics processing subsystems across various consumer products.

At Playground, Parijat aids startups in maintaining a strong foot in state of the art technology in their product domain while also working with them to develop product feature requirements in parallel.

"While product concepts and requirements are being developed and refined, it is really important and necessary for our portfolio companies to ramp up and become experts in latest technologies relevant to their product domain early on, so that they have a solid understanding of the current capabilities and limitations of those technologies.” he adds, “Working closely with startups to help achieve this goal through collaborative learning across a multitude of platforms is what I love the most about working at Playground.”

As a constant learner, Parijat loves dabbling in machine learning, and loves writing deep learning software for a variety of data problems. He strongly believes that a game changing technology like deep learning must not remain restricted to cloud or just high-end consumer products.

"With deep learning, the sky's the limit,” he says. “We really need to make deep learning work within the constraints of CPU, memory, and power of a consumer hardware product and make it available over a wide range of products. The mission is already under way and will bring a paradigm shift in how we perceive and use consumer hardware products.”

Among all the cool AI products he has tinkered with, Parijat takes a special interest in cameras and devices that make cars smarter and driving safer. He also enjoys exploring a variety of consumer robots and drones.

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Alma Mater: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, (BS in Electrical Engineering)

Hobbies: Travelling, learning new technologies, music