Mel Sezto

Head of Talent Management


Mel Sezto

Head of Talent Management

At Playground, Mel heads up talent management across the studio and partners with their portfolio companies.

When asked what is most inspiring about her work here at Playground, Mel says, “Everyday I get the opportunity to work with people who have brilliant minds and are not afraid to take risks so that they can turn their dreams into a reality.”

She provides value to Playground by connecting the portfolio companies to the best talent pool across “hard” and emerging tech companies (i.e. AI, Machine Learning, Robotics) in order to further enrich their networks. Mel also connects key stakeholders to experts, advisors, mentors, and coaches in Playground’s focus areas.

Mel has always been interested in the creative design aspect of the tech industry. This is also what led her to pursue a career where she would be able to apply her creativity to her work with people.

“One of the things I love about working here, is that I get to partner with and advise multiple entrepreneurs to build healthy early stage companies.” she says.

Prior to Playground, Mel spent 3 years at Greylock Partners where she was the Director of Talent. Formerly, she held operating roles at startups like Udacity and Pebble where she was Head of Talent. Mel spent most of her career at Google, where she worked on Google[x] and [email protected] and helped them build their founding teams.

To this day, she’s still amazed by “the incredible capacity of the human mind and the endless possibilities of what can happen when you put those talented minds together.”

When Mel is not at Playground, you’ll likely find her with her Shiba Inu, Aloha, or traveling around the world with an ice cream cone in her hand.

Director of Talent, Greylock

Head of Talent and HR, Udacity

Recruiting Lead, Google[x] and Android @ Home

Alma Mater, Western Washington University