Kim Watson

Finance Manager


Kim Watson

Finance Manager

As an accounting supervisor, Kim helps guide Playground in maintaining their accounting records, preparing financial statements, reconciling all accounts, and keeping tabs on spending.

She has a lot of experience working in finance and accounting departments. Before she came to Playground, Kim attended Cal Poly SLO and received a BS in finance. With that degree, she went on to work in various finance roles and most recently at David Powell Financial Services, consulting onsite at multiple startup companies in the Bay Area.

Kim is glad to have the opportunity to work at Playground, where she has learned about the accounting and finance world of venture capital and enjoys seeing new technology. She loves the energy at Playground as well as the people.

“At Playground, there is a great vibe. The people are full of energy and have such a passion for what they do. We are always looking for better ways to do things and are always up for improving our processes.” she says, “It’s a fun place to be and there’s always something happening to keep me engaged.”

She loves being a part of Playground’s unique business model and helping the company manage expenses and plan for the future.

When Kim is not looking at numbers and dealing with financial matters, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with her family and her Saint Bernard, Sierra.

Accounting Manager, David Powell Financial Services

Financial Analyst, Tarantella, SCO

Alma Mater, Cal Poly SLO (BS in Finance)

Hometown, Campbell, California