Jory Bell

VP of Product Development


Jory Bell

VP of Product Development

Over the course of his career, Jory Bell has brought together superstar teams to build what he calls the cultural artifacts of our day; technically ambitious, elegantly functional devices offering users simple, transparent, and natural interactions.

In a world where we are literally surrounded by technology, I want to help people feel like people.

Answering this impulse, Jory recently led the development of the Miselu C.24 wireless MIDI piano keyboard which combines the extreme mobility of a tablet with the physicality of a traditional musical instrument.

Incorporating several patented innovations (e.g., a magnetically levitated origami pop-up mechanism and full-travel keys with optical sensing to measure the player’s force and speed) the C.24 allows musicians to stay connected to the expressive nature of their art form.

Some of Jory’s other favorite design efforts include the highly recognizable glowing Apple logo and “breathing” sleep LED on MacBook computers and various aspects of the award-winning OQO, a line of pocketable full-blown Windows PCs presaging the smartphone.

Jory’s other avocation is acrobatics. With an emphasis on patient progression in hand balancing, flexibility and tumbling Chinese acrobatics reflects and reinforces many of Jory’s core work principles.

Having the mind-set to persevere over a span of years with focused and organized attention is paramount to success.

In addition to his daily training regimen, in 2014 Jory, his wife Ayla, and renowned Chinese acrobatics master Lu Yi, co-founded AcroSanct, a San Francisco-based acrobatics performance nonprofit.

Jory believes Playground embodies a much-needed synthesis of deep technical execution with an introspective and playful optimism.

We face a myriad of possibilities as to how our hyperconnected future will look and feel. Playground is uniquely positioned to profoundly influence the gestalt of this coming era.

CTO, Director, Miselu: Developed & brought to market 1st BLE wireless MIDI piano keyboard for iOS
Co-founder, CEO, Director, OQO: Developed & brought to market 1st pocketable PC with cellular connectivity
Product Designer, Apple Computer: Contributed to five generations of PowerBook laptops
Researcher, IBM Almaden Research: Worked on TrackPoint and other new mobile interfaces
Research Associate, MIT: Developed & deployed autonomous deep-water oceanographic instruments for climate change research
Over 25 patents, granted and pending
Co-founder, Director, AcroSanct: Chinese acrobatics performance non-profit (501c3)