Chris Coley

Senior Systems Engineer


Chris Coley

Senior Systems Engineer

Chris Coley describes his job at Playground—and his entire career—as: “Anything necessary to ship products.”

With previous experience including Commodore, Amazon, and Philips Digital Entertainment Group, Chris has helped design and build consumer electronics, medical devices, Internet of Things devices, robotics equipment, and much more.

He’s also founded companies, worked on startups, and worked on teams doing due diligence on startups, so he has seen early stage work from every angle.

Chris works with Playground companies on both hardware and software. He enjoys juggling multiple projects at once and working with a range of entrepreneurs.

The harder the challenge, the more fun he has. “I have a passion to do the impossible,” he says, and “making things do stuff they were never intended to do.”

Distinguished Engineer/Architect, Logitech

Principle Systems Engineer, Amazon Lab126

Chief Architect and Founder, AdvanceV

Alma Mater: Rutgers University (BS in Electrical Engineering, BA in Computer Science)

Hobbies: Ham radio, model railroading, live steam engines, woodwork, metalwork