Bruce Leak

Founder & "Groundskeeper"


Bruce Leak

Founder & "Groundskeeper"

With more than three decades of tech industry experience, Bruce Leak has made his mark as an engineer, entrepreneur, and investor. He is best known for his groundbreaking work in multimedia, as creator of QuickTime and co-founder of WebTV.

As Chief Operating Officer at WebTV, Bruce was instrumental in the development and deployment of the world’s first consumer Internet appliance and service. Following Microsoft’s acquisition of WebTV, Bruce became President of the software giant’s WebTV Networks subsidiary.

That wasn’t Bruce’s first experience with Microsoft: After completing his freshman year at Stanford University, he took a summer job serving as the testing department for the first version of Microsoft Word.

“Bill Gates took me out to lunch and explained that it's OK if I don't finish college,” Leak says. “He didn't finish college, and that worked out OK.”

Gates’ offer was attractive, but Leak didn’t take it.

Between stints at Microsoft, Bruce worked with Andy Rubin at General Magic to develop the Magic Cap operating system. He also worked with Peter Barrett at Rocket Science Games to deliver interactive full-motion video.

Earlier in his career, Bruce invented and brought to market Apple’s QuickTime and 32-bit QuickDraw. While working at Apple, he also helped develop and ship more than a dozen iterations of the Macintosh computer.

As Playground’s “groundskeeper,” Bruce enjoys being part of an experienced team that helps the portfolio companies realize their product and business visions.

“One of the greatest benefits we can provide to entrepreneurs,” he says, “is just making sure they don't make all the mistakes that we've made.”

Inventor: QuickTime and 32-bit Apple QuickDraw
Co-founder: WebTV
Co-founder, board member: CloudCar, Carrier iQ
President: Microsoft WebTV
Microsoft: Microsoft Word and Excel
Angel investor: Danger, Android, Puralytics, Silvertail, Nest