Armando Atienza

Software Engineer


Armando Atienza

Software Engineer

As a software engineer generalist at Playground, Armando Atienza takes part in a variety of projects and writes software for just about anything.

Before becoming a Playgrounder, Armando worked at Google for over ten years on Frontend Production Systems and Self Driving Cars, briefly on, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and SpaceX. At Google, he realized how much of an impact technology has on people, which led him to recognize how important it was to be a part of the tech industry.

On his role here at Playground, he says, “Coming from what was originally a software only company, I’ve learned more now, how hardware is designed and built. The principles are not the same as those of a software engineer because every hardware device has a different software component.. Learning more about hardware makes you write better software if you can also design the hardware too.”

What Armando enjoys most about Playground is “getting to see different applications of core ideas and helping companies implement them”. He also notes that there are lots of opportunities and endless possibilities to learn and grow here. “We don’t just work on one thing at a time. There’s constantly new things to see and learn. You never get bored.”

After being in the tech industry for 13 years, technology has made a big impact on his life today. Everywhere he goes, he is thinking of ways that technology could help better people’s lives.

When he’s not writing software, you can find Armando working at the U.S. Open catching tennis balls or training for his next triathlon.

Engineer, Google

Engineer, SpaceX

Engineer, Hillary for America

Alma Mater, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art (BS in EE)

Hometown, Jersey City, New Jersey