Adam Newman

Head of IT


Adam Newman

Head of IT

If you spend time at Playground, you’re likely to see Adam. But he says, “If you are noticing what I am doing, then I am probably doing it wrong.”

As Playground’s infrastructure engineer, Adam provides network services to Playground and its portfolio companies. He manages “a world-class network comprised of resources designed such that those that utilize them can do the most work with the least resistance.”

It’s the diversity of the Playground environment that Adam values the highest, as well as the “the amazingly intelligent, yet conversationally accessible, people I work with.”

Previously, Adam worked at Mozilla, where he traveled the world and worked with a wide spectrum of people.

“It was a chance to get to work with very different people from very different places all aiming for the same goal, and learn a lot about them and their way of life,” he said. He has joked that one of his hobbies is “collecting zip codes,” and usually picking up people and pets along the way.

Adam gets excited about having positive interactions among diverse groups and cultures and is most inspired by people who take well-intentioned, yet calculated risks.

“When I witness that, executed well, it makes me want to be more like that,” he said. “I’m thrilled by new ideas and positive thinkers."

Network Engineer, Groupon

Network Engineer, Mozilla

Systems Engineer (and member of the Security Core Council), Focal Communications

Infrastructure Engineer, InnerWorkings

Recording engineer and producer

Alma Mater: De Anza College (current, Mathematics)

Hobbies: Playing guitar, drums, and piano, motorcycling, surfing, and playing Halo